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One week to go

One week today the UN Commission of the Status of Women will open. Opening with hearts full of hope, uncertainty, and excitement.

Hope that governments will put real focus and resources to prevent and end violence against women.

Hope that the media will play their part in highlighting the ongoing issue and the horrific global rates of abuse.

Hope that every person will realise its our responsibility.

Uncertainty whether there will be agreed conclusions as last year there were none.

Uncertainty whether the agreed rhetoric will transfer into action, resources and determination.

And excitement at meeting so many other people passionate about seeing violence ended and working tirelessly to bring this about.

Excitement about hearing of projects, programmes that work and the impact of lives transformed and changed.

In the final week of preparation, with presentations to prepare, I am praying that when I return, we will all play our part in raising awareness, transforming ourselves, our churches and our communities. Ever hopeful, certainly uncertain, but also excited that we can see an end to violence against women.