Is your church responding?

It’s tomorrow. I fly out to New York.  As I sit here and prepare presentations and finish off last minute details, I’m thinking about how churches are responding to domestic abuse.

Churches can respond at many levels, from the simple putting up posters behind toilet doors, (see here for an example) displaying leaflets, to the coordination and cooperation with local Refuges. I was in Carlisle last week speaking to a couple of vicars who are planning an event in October. One of the vicars was undertaking training for churches on ending domestic abuse and linking in with local support networks and agencies. It was music to my ears. It was so encouraging to see and hear the passion and enthusiasm these church leaders showed towards their local community and town.

I know this is repeated many times over, but so often we don’t hear about what you are doing outside of the local area. So this is your chance. I want to hear what your local church is doing in response to domestic abuse and violence against women. No matter how small or big. Let me know. I will have a captive audience at the United Nations to tell others and share examples of what you are doing.

Get in touch via commenting on this blog or by email

I look forward to hearing from you

Thanks, Mandy


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