Draft Agreed Conclusions

Lots of work on the UN CSW takes place in advance to make the most of the time actually together at the CSW. Today the UK Government Equalities Office have sent a link to the draft agreed conclusions for the CSW. They can be accessed here http://www.un.org/womenwatch/daw/csw/csw57/CSW57_Draft_AC_proposal_presented_by_CSW_Bureau_8_February_2013.pdf


UN Language

These draft conclusions have already been under negotiation. Agreed UN language (helpful short 2 page guide can be found here http://www.gadnetwork.org.uk/storage/csw/Key%20Language.pdf) is being negotiated to be kept at its current strength and not regressed. This is a key issue for a number of UK NGO’s after last years CSW failed to agree on a conclusion document. This was cited due to ‘conservative groups’. There has been strong background work undertaken this year to ensure that there are agreed conclusions this year.

I guess we will wait and see.



2 thoughts on “Draft Agreed Conclusions

  1. elaineging

    Delighted to find your blog, Mandy – will alert members of the Scottish Episcopal Church.
    Be assured of our thoughts and prayers for the weeks ahead – especially around the agreed conclusions – so sadly not agreed last year.


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