Prayer Points

The United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (UNCSW) takes place from the 4th -15th March at the headquarters of the UN in New York. The UNCSW takes place each year reviewing governments’ progress on implementing the Beijing Platform for Action which outlines women’s rights globally. It is an excellent opportunity for civil society organisations to come together share experiences and learn from one another. The priority theme for 2013 is preventing and ending violence against women.

As the representative from the Church of England, I will be aiming to lobby our UK government, the EU and hopefully other governments from around the world, to actively include churches and Christian faith organisations in the prevention and response to ending violence against women. This includes hosting two parallel side events, one with the Anglican Communion, and another as Restored with the Mothers Union.

  • ‘We Will Speak Out: churches ending violence against women’ if the side event of the C of E with the AC taking place on Friday 8th March at 10:30am.
  • As Restored with the Mothers Union called ‘A relationship based approach to ending violence against women’ which will be on Thursday 14th March at 12:30pm. 

I will be linking in with the rest of the delegation from the Anglican Communion around the world (20 in total) bringing the Christian faith into the midst of the CSW. This will be balanced with linking with the UK civil society organisations (over 20 attending) and the UK government meetings taking place at the UK Mission to the UN each evening. There is also an Ambassadors reception on the first Tuesday, although I don’t think Ferrero Roche will be handed out, it’ll be a good networking opportunity.

The days will be long with briefings starting at 8am each day and the UK meetings starting at 6pm each evening usually finishing after 7pm. After this is its back to the accommodation to catch up with email, social media and report noting.

I would really appreciate prayer for the following:

  • Good relationships to be established with other Anglican representatives present for encouragement and mutual support
  • Positive engagement from the NGO’s represented towards Christian organisations as the response can be very mixed.
  • That the key messages (see previous post) are acted upon by the governments
  • That key resolutions and agreements will be made and implemented. Last year the final document was not agreed.
  • That the two side events will be positive, constructive, and encourage people to include the local church in the response to prevent and end violence against women.
  • For good health and safety whilst travelling.

You can follow progress via social media in the following ways:
Twitter: @UNCSWCofE

If you have any words, pictures, visions, prophecy, encouragement, thoughts whilst praying then please do email me them.

Thank you for joining in through prayer. It is very much appreciated
Mandy Marshall


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