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What’s all this then?

Every year at the United Nations in New York the Commission on the Status of Women meets to review progress on the implementation of women’s rights globally. Governments report back to the UN Commission on their actions. It is an opportunity for civil society and the UN to hold governments to account for the commitments made.

This blog aims to encourage the Church of England, the Anglican Communion and Christians to engage in the Commission on the Status of Women and its work, to reflect on the questions and issues that it raises, and to take action where needed.

The CSW takes place in March. In 2013, when this blog was started, the priority theme was preventing and ending violence against women and girls. In 2014, the theme was ““Challenges and achievements in the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals for women and girls.” In 2015, it’s a review of progress and remaining challenges for implementing the Beijing Platform for Action.

More information can be found on the CSW here: